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Weapon Holster Glossary

6b501811a521489346a1cc347411e200When searching or studying best woman holster, it’s very important to fully understand the terms which are common in the industry. Not comprehending the terms, can cause a significant concern as you may not be purchasing the particular style or model that you simply think you are. In my weapon store, I can’t tell you the amount of times a customer has purchased an IWB holster, not really fully understanding what IWB (inside the waistband) indicates. As soon as the holster arrives to the consumer, they call back declaring that they have received the wrong or even incorrect item. In actuality, these people received exactly what they purchased; they just didn’t take time to learn the lingo.

Here are some commonly used terms within the gun holster industry that will help you as you are researching gun holsters:

Kydex — Thermoplastic material used for several applications, including holsters, magazine carriers, and flashlight companies

Leather : Material produced from animal conceal that is used for a number of various apps, including holsters, mag companies, and flashlight carriers

Shooting Hand — Refers to the hand which you actually shoot with.

Outside the Waistband or even OWB – Means that the particular holster is worn on the exterior of the waistband in some style versus inside the waistband.

Inside the Waistband or even IWB – Means that the particular holster is worn within the waistband in some fashion.

Tactical Holster : Refers to a holster that will worn on the thigh from the shooting hand side.

Ankle Holster — A holster specifically designed in order to worn on the ankle.

Shoulder holster — A holster that includes a harness worn on the shoulder or shoulders. The particular holster portion of this rig usually rides under the underarm of the wearer’s weak part.

Crossdraw : A term used to explain a holster that trips on your weak side, however the drawing motion is performed throughout the body with the shooting hands. These holsters can be possibly OWB or IWB.

Small of the Back again or SOB – Describes a holster that transported in the small of the back again near your spine. These types of holsters can be either OWB or IWB.

Strongside – A phrase used to describe the capturing hand side of the entire body. For example , if you shoot together with your right hand, then the correct side of your body (in particular your right part waist) would be considered your own strongside.

Weakside – A term utilized to describe the non-shooting hands side of your body. For instance , if you shoot with your correct hand, then the left part of your body would be regarded your weakside.

Offside – Another expression used to describe your weakside hand (see Weakside above).

Cant — Refers to the angle how the holster rides. An upright (also called a zero cant) and a forward cannot are typical in the capturing industry.

Bodyshield – A term utilized to describe a shield that will serves as a protective hurdle between the weapon and shooter’s body.

Stress Screw – Refers to the screw based device installed within the holster itself which allows the shooter to adjust the particular draw tension to his/her specifications.

Additional terms that can be used, but the types listed above will cover most circumstances. If you are shopping for a handgun holster, take a few moments to learn these terms.

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